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The Basle Lectures (1527/28)

During his short time in Basle as a professor of medicine in 1527/28, Paracelsus gave an impressing series of lectures. The highlighted part in the above image shows the old Basle University (founded in 1460) by the river Rhine, as Paracelsus has known it. A major part of these lectures is preserved, occasionally in the form of lecture notes done by students. These texts impart astonishing insights into Paracelsus's original thought. Nevertheless, the Basle lectures are poorly studied as yet. One reason for this shortcoming may lay in the fact, that most of the lectures are transmitted in Latin language. In this volume the texts are translated into German and scholarly annotated.

The Basle Lectures (1527/28)

Intimatio (announcement of the lectures)
De gradibus et compositionibus receptorum et naturalium
Lecture on surgical illnesses
Lecture on blood letting, purgation and cupping
De modo pharmacandi
Commentaries to the aphorisms of Hippocrates
De urinarum et pulsuum judiciis libellus et de physionomia
De tartaro
De icteritiis
Libri paragraphorum
On the treatment of wounds

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