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NPE 1: Vita Beata

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NPE 10: Philosophia Magna

The "Philosophia Magna" is a series of magical writings elucidating the secret interrelations between the visible and the invisible world, of which Paracelsus left a table of contents. Some of them are lost and the preserved ones, though sometimes only fragmentary, are edited by Huser. The New Paracelsus Edition compares Huser's text with an important manuscript tradition and gives scholarly explanations.

A. Philosophia Magna

A1. Fragmentum libri de sagis et earum operibus
A2. Fragmentum libri de daemoniacis et obsessis
A3. Liber de lunaticis
A4. De generatione stultorum liber
A5. Fragmentum libri de somnis et euntibus in somno
A6. Liber de sanguine ultra mortem
A7. Liber de nymphis, sylphis, pygmaeis et salamandris et de caeteribus spiritibus
A8. Liber artis praesagae
A9. Liber de mala et bona fortuna
A10. De vera influentia rerum liber
A11. Liber de inventione artium
A12. Liber de votis alienis
A13. Liber de animabus hominum post mortem apparentibus
A14. Fragmentum libri de mumiae arcanis
A15. Fragmentum libri de virtute imaginativa
A16. Fragmentum libri de characteribus
A17. Liber de homunculis et monstris
A18. Liber de sanctorum auctoritate, beneficiis, signis et blasphemiis
A19. Liber de superstitionibus et ceremoniis
A20. Liber de natis animalibus ex sodomia

B. De occulta philosophia (possibly spurious)

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