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NPE 1: Vita Beata

NPE1 Vita Beata In Print Preview

NPE 7: Sermones I

The "sermones" are a not so much a kind of writings in the sense of church sermons, but rather essays treating some particular aspects of the Gospels or other theological questions. Most of them are arranged in cycles elucidating a specific topic, other sermones stand for themselves. Some of these sermon cycles are dating back to 1540 and are probably Paracelsus's last writings.

A. Sermons on the Gospel Parables

A1. Sermones in similitudines evangeliorum
A2. Paraphrasis in parabolas Christi

B. Late Sermon Cycles (1540)

B1. Sermones de Antichristo
B2. Sermones in incantatores
B3. Sermones in pseudodoctores

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