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NPE 1: Vita Beata

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NPE 6: On the Last Supper

The teachings on the eucharist constitute an important part of Paracelsus's theology. In the process of salvation Christ stands out as the central character who mediates between old man stemming from earth-bound Adam and new man, the testamental new creature born out of the Holy Spirit. By way of the immaculate birth, Christ brought the new and eternal seed upon earth which differs from Adam's, the primordial man's seed. This immortal seed, which opens undreamed of possibilities, is named by Paracelsus as "limbus (limus) aeternus". It is now in the Last Supper, where the limbus is being transferred to man.

A. Philosophia de limbi aeterni (1533, reconstruction)

A1. Prologus et initium voluminis limbi aeterni
A2. Auslegung des Evangelium Johannis am Ersten, In Principio
A3. Quod sanguis et caro Christi sit in pane et vino et quomodo fidelibus intelligendum
A4. De coena domini ex cap. VI. Johannis
A5. De coena domini ex cap. 1. 3. 4. Johannis evangelistae
A6. De coena domini ex caeteris evangelii auctoritatibus
A7. Fragmentum alterius tractatus de coena domini ex auctoribus caeteris evangelii
A8. Ex divo Paulo 1. Cor. 15, quae ad secundam generationem et secundum Adamum attinet
A9. Quae ex S. Paulo de coena domini ad Galatos, Ephesios, Philippenses, Timotheum et Titum
A10. Ex psalterio declaratio coenae domini
A11. Naturalis interpretatio coenae dominicae
A12. Liber von den Mirakeln und Zeichen des Brods und Weins Christi
A13. Aliud fragmentum de miraculis vini et panis Christi
A14. De resurrectione mortuorum
A15. Vom Nachtmahl aus dem natürlichen Licht
A16. Liber de usu coenae domini
A17. Interpretationes ex Paulo, ein Fragment
A18. Conclusio, Beschluss übers Nachtmahl (1533)

B. Coena domini nostri Jesu Christi declaratio

C. Further Tracts on the Eucharist

C1. Von der Wiedergeburt des Menschen
C2. De coena domini ex S. Johannis epistola et S. Petri
C3. Ein Fragment de sacramento corporis Christi
C4. Arcanum arcanorum sive contemplatio lapsus
et restaurationis Adae

D. On Holy Mass

D1. Von der Messe
D2. Modus missae sumendi sacramentum

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