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NPE 1: Vita Beata

NPE1 Vita Beata In Print Preview

NPE 2: Nature and Gospel I
Commentaries on St. Matthew

Paracelsus wrote several commentaries to the Gospel of St. Matthew, which belong to his most voluminous and most important theological works. Truly the physician as he was, Paracelsus tried to interpret some of the incidents of the Bible in terms of natural philosophy and medicine.

A. A Letter to the church reformers Luther, Melanchthon and Pomeranus

B. Auslegung der ersten fünf Kapitel Matthaei (1524)
(Commentary to the First Five Chapters of St. Matthew)

C. Vorrede (Prologus) über die vier Evangelisten (1532)
(Preface to the Four Evangelists)

D. Die (erste) Auslegung über den Evangelisten Sankt Matthaeum (all 28 chapters)
(The First Commentary to St. Matthew)

E. Vom Grund des Alten und des Neuen Testaments
(On the Fundamentals of the Old and the New Testament)

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