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Dictionarium Theophrasti Paracelsi (1584)

Dictionarium Theophrasti Paracelsi

K.-H. Weimann: Die deutsche medizinische Fachsprache des Paracelsus (1951)

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Paracelsus Dictionary

Even at an early stage there was a dire need to obtain extensive explanations for the many and often obscure neologisms Paracelsus had coined. To this end several specialized dictionaries were conceived, so the "Onomasticon Theophrasti Paracelsi" (1575) by Adam von Bodenstein and the "Dictionarium Theophrasti Paracelsi" (1584) by Gerard Dorn. Although frequently and urgently called for, there is no modern scholarly dictionary meeting this desideratum.

A first step toward this direction was proposed by Karl-Heinz Weimann (1922-2006) in his doctoral disseration describing the German medical terminology of Paracelsus: Die deutsche medizinische Fachsprache des Paracelsus (Berlin, 1951). The typewritten manuscript never went into print. The second part containing an elaborate dictionary is here published for the first time.

Karl-Heinz Weimann, Paracelsus Wörterbuch (PDF):