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Kurt Goldammer 1916-1997

Kurt Goldammer

Goldammer Edition of Paracelsus

After the failure of the Matthießen edition of Paracelsus's theological writings, Sudhoff was able to gain in 1935 the newly appointed Leipzig professor of the history of theology Heinrich Bornkamm (1901-1977) for this endeavor. Bornkamm, who later appeared in a bad light for willingly collaborating with the Nazi regime, started in 1938 with preliminary tasks and worked out a program for the edition. From 1941 on Bornkamm was assisted by the young theologian Kurt Goldammer, who completely took over as chief editor in 1953. Goldammer himself was assisted by the German language philologist Karl-Heinz Weimann (1922-2006), who in his doctoral dissertation had submitted an investigation on the vocabulary used by Paracelsus. With Weimann's dynamic help, Goldammer was able to present several volumes in short succession. After Weimann's departure in 1962, the edition lost its original impetus and only a few more volumes were given out and much less frequently. Finally, the Goldammer edition remained unfinished. Of the intended 14 volumes only 6 were completed together with a supplemental volume and an index. They are in print at the Franz Steiner Verlag.

Volume 2 (1965): Ethische, soziale und politische Schriften; Schriften über Ehe, Taufe, Busse und Beichte [Ethical, social, and political writings; writings on matrimony, baptism, penitence, and confession]

Volume 3 (1986): Dogmatische und polemische Einzelschriften (Dogmatic and polemical single writings)

Volume 4 (1955): Auslegung des Psalters David, Teil I: Kommentar zu den Psalmen 75 (76) bis 102 (103)[Exegesis of David's Psalter, part I: commentary on the psalms 75 (76) bis 102 (103)]

Volume 5 (1957): Auslegung des Psalters David, Teil II: Kommentar zu den Psalmen 103 (104) bis 117 (118) [Exegesis of David's Psalter, part II: commentary on the psalms 103(104) to 117 (118)]

Volume 6 (1959): Auslegung des Psalters David, Teil III: Kommentar zu den Psalmen 118 (119) bis 137 (138) [Exegesis of David's Psalter, part III: commentary on the psalms 118 (119) bis 137 (138)]

Volume 7 (1961):

  • Auslegung des Psalters David, Teil IV: Kommentar zu den Psalmen 138 (139) bis 150 [Exegesis of David's Psalter, part I: commentary on the psalms 138 (139) bis 150]
  • Auslegung über die zehen gebott gottes [Exegesis of the Ten Commandments]
  • Fragmentarische Entwürfe zu den zehn Geboten (Lamentationes in praecepta)[Fragments to the Ten Commandments]
  • Jesajakommentar (In Esaiam prophetam maximum philosophia) [Exegesis of Isaiha]
  • Danielkommentar (Explicatio in Danielem prophetam) [Exegesis of Daniel]

Supplement (1973): Religiöse und sozialphilosophische Schriften in Kurzfassungen [Religious and social philosophic writings in condensed versions]

Register (1995): Index to volumes 4 to 7